Do-It-Yourself Boat Storage

Enjoy your stay at our Do-It-Yourself Boat Storage Facility located in Mattapoisett.

Experience the difference in our do-it-yourself storage yard where owners and crew maintain total control of their boats and enjoy a boater cooperative atmosphere.

Make your first and last voyage of the season to Mattapoisett Harbor on Buzzard’s Bay and pick up one of our complimentary moorings. Schedule your haul and launch with us and enjoy our protected yard located one mile from the Mattapoisett Ramp.

Easy access off I-195

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Do your own work

Hire contractors to work directly for you

Reduce and control cost

Electricity and water access to every boat

Boat stand use included

Clean and paved

Personal storage lockers for tools and supplies

Affordable monthly billing

Boater cooperative atmosphere

Clean restrooms in our Captain’s Lounge

Vending Machines